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best employment services for recent New England college graduates

Hayden-Wilder employment services for recent college graduates in the Boston area

Interview Workshops

These one-on-one or group (four people maximum) workshops are designed to overcome the fright factor associated with interviewing and provide a proprietary methodology for answering 90% of interview questions.

Every client will work directly with a Hayden-Wilder partner to:

  • Determine relevant, compelling content which will answer the majority of interview questions. This process also provides a tool, which can be used in actual interviews.

  • Assess interview strengths and weaknesses and receive coaching on how to deliver information in a persuasive manner.

  • Practice interviewing while being videotaped. Each client will receive constructive feedback and suggestions to improve body language, projection, etc.

Clients should plan on spending 4 hours with the Hayden-Wilder partner (group sessions are longer and are based on the number of participants), as well as approximately 3 hours of homework.

About Us