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best employment services for recent New England college graduates

Hayden-Wilder employment services for recent college graduates in the Boston area

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the difference between Hayden·Wilder and college career service offices?
While college career service offices may provide helpful off-the-shelf information, they do not address the needs of individual students. Further, these offices look at the job world from an academic perspective, and instructors generally have limited practical experience. At Hayden·Wilder, we provide one-on-one counseling with ongoing feedback designed specifically for every client. Our extensive real-world experience delivers relevant strategies that resonate with prospective employers.

Q. Can Hayden·Wilder guarantee jobs?
Hayden·Wilder cannot guarantee every student will get a job. What we can guarantee is each client will be impeccably prepared for all aspects of the job search process. Our curriculum will instill greater personal confidence, enhanced speaking and writing skills and extensive real world knowledge of the job search process. Our training will give them a critical edge over 80% of their competition.

Q. What makes Hayden·Wilder unique?
Hayden·Wilder specializes in working with recent college graduates who are first time job applicants. We are the only firm that concentrates on this age group. Executive search firms will not recruit for entry-level positions, because it is not profitable for them to do so. And no one in New England can combine our breadth of experience with our intense, one-on-one marketing focus.

Q. What do clients get when they complete the Hayden·Wilder curriculum?
Clients receive:
  • One-on-one counseling in every aspect of the job search process
  • Extensive interview role-playing
  • Videotaped interview rehearsals and feedback
  • Training in etiquette, presentation, speaking and writing skills
  • A proven reading list to hone job seeking skills
  • Assistance in identifying real-world job opportunities
  • Post-curriculum support and counsel
  • Customized pre-job interview preparation
Q. What if a client doesn't have a clue as to what to do for a career?
We recognize many college graduates face this issue. What's important is a first job will contribute to a set of skills future employers will find valuable. Getting into the workforce in some capacity is a first step in building those qualifications. We work with clients to focus on a few business segments of interest, and encourage clients to jump in and begin building their resume regardless of the job description.

Q. Does lack of experience work against a candidate?
No. Firms hiring entry level candidates are not looking for experience only. They're looking for energy, involvement, hard work, dedication, passion and intelligence. Hayden·Wilder helps each client build the best possible story, showcasing their background, education and personality.

Q. As a parent, what can I do to help?
At Hayden·Wilder we encourage parents to think broadly and help support their children in creating an effective job prospecting network. We urge parents not to write their child's resume and not to limit the scope of their career seeking imagination. Wherever possible, we encourage our clients to share their learnings with their parents. By the way, the Hayden·Wilder program is a great graduation gift!

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