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best employment services for recent New England college graduates

Hayden-Wilder employment services for recent college graduates in the Boston area

The Need: Face the Facts

What a great idea.  Coaching college graduates only makes my job easier.  I don't have to waste time interviewing unfocused candidates. According to Human Resource Executives, 85% of entry level candidates are poorly prepared for the job search process.
Source: H-W 2005 Human Resources Survey

It's harder to get a career-building first job than it is to get into an Ivy League college. Real world competition is fierce. On graduation day, 1.5 million college graduates face the biggest challenge of their life, and they get very little help.
  • The graduating class of 2009 is the largest group of college graduates in history.

  • U.S. Companies will hire 22% fewer 2009 graduates than 2008 graduates. What's more, 22% of U.S. companies will not hire any 2009 graduates.
    Source: NACE 2009 Survey

  • The finance sector reports it will hire 71% fewer new graduates in 2009. The professional services sector (including engineering and accounting) reports a 37% decline in hiring 2009 graduates.
    Source: NACE & Time Magazine

  • By 2008, the number of college graduate job seekers will exceed the number of available jobs by 25%
    Source: Occupational Outlook Survey for College Graduates

  • "Most colleges are seriously out of step with the real world in getting students ready to become workers in the post college world."
    Source: Time Magazine

  • 57% of college grads plan to return home to live with their family after graduation.
    Source: Newsweek Magazine Poll 5

  • "Even parents with successful careers aren't necessarily expert job hunters (for their children)."
    Source: Wall Street Journal

Our Mission