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best employment services for recent New England college graduates

Hayden-Wilder employment services for recent college graduates in the Boston area

Our Book

Hayden-Wilder's new book, From B.A. to Payday: Launching a Career After College (Stewart, Tabori and Chang/New York), is available at bookstores nationwide and can be ordered on amazon.com, barnesandnoble.com, and borders.com.

The following synopsis of From B.A. to Payday appears on the back cover of the book:

"As new college graduates soon find out, the real world can be a tough place. What could be harder than getting into college? Landing a good job, for one. In From B.A. to Payday, nationally recognized career-counseling experts D.A. Hayden and Michael Wilder help recent grads navigate their way through the numerous hazards and pitfalls encountered in the search for their first career-worthy jobs. Using their proprietary program, "Candidate Illumination" they teach first-time job seekers how to create a marketing campaign for themselves through personal branding, how to identify and speak to the needs of their audience (employers), and how to craft communication strategies that effectively deliver their key messages. Along the way, the authors present savvy advice on every aspect of the job search process--from finding focus and composing compelling resumes, to learning the many secrets of persuasive interviewing. They also share real-life case studies of their clients' job search experiences. But most importantly, by reading this book, graduates will come away with the most valued skill of all--confidence in their own ability to pursue and land jobs with true career potential".

Comments on From B.A. to Payday:

five stars Excellent, September 13, 2008
By John "JBE"
This book is comprehensive, straightforward, and even funny. Despite my skepticism about books such as these--a skepticism that stems from their uncanny ability to make me even more anxious and confused about my future than I would have thought possible--this guide made me feel more confident about myself as a job-seeking candidate and helped me identify key areas in which I need improvement. Using their former clients to make "cases-in-point", the authors made clear their various points while also adding a bit of humor to the mix. The book also covers a lot of ground, including the ability of parents, online social networks (facebook, myspace), and our label as "the entitlement generation" to influence our success in finding (or not finding) a suitable, enjoyable, and rewarding career. Perhaps most importantly, the authors prove that, with some hard work and an open mind, we will all find the right place for ourselves in the working, post-college (aka "real") world.

five stars A good gift for any college student, January 5, 2009
By Feathered Quill Book Reviews
There are plenty of how-to books on job-hunting and résumé-writing, but From B.A. to Payday: Launching Your Career After College, is specifically targeted to new or soon-to-be college graduates. Authors D.A. Hayden and Michael Wilder have impressive credentials and work histories in marketing and joined forces to form Hayden-Wilder, a company that helps first-time job applicants develop their own branding message and market themselves to Corporate America.

Their book is well-organized and infused with humor that should appeal to most college students. Hayden and Wilder also do an excellent job of helping readers understand how to use their experiences from past summer jobs or volunteer positions, no matter how menial the work, to highlight important skills that will demonstrate why they will be an asset to any company.

five stars From BA to Pay Day, October 30, 2008
By Stephen Woodruff "LDI Woody" (Lee, NH)
I bought this for my son who will be graduating in June from URI. Why not benefit from concepts like the ones in this great book before earning the BA. I would like my high school son, to read it next!! I have already enjoyed it.

"I loved your book, especially its no-nonsense attitude and its concrete advice for first-time job seekers... you have provided us with more than a glimmer of hope in the job-hunting process for our daughter."--Mary, parent in Ohio

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